How to Make Profit Through Face Painting for Kids Parties

What is the best thing about face painting for kids parties? Not everybody is an expert and not every expert delivers a  good job. If you are talented with this art, well you could make money out of it, as you have a skill that no average person has which is the knowledge to think creatively, and fingers that are blessed and magical. Whether it is a fun fair or a birthday party, a football match or an event worth celebrating , face painting can be a fun activity, and for every kid you paint you create a lot of excitement and smiles, the best profile gets the job deal. Face painting cannot bring you thousand of millions if you are just a beginner. It takes patience and practice to get where you want to be, with each kids face you paint, you get money. There is a lot of marketing that you will need to carry out, continuous practice and you will need to invest a little. For the best quality painting, it will be a hustle to start. However for people who are not so good at painting , it calls for practice. Get your art right, offer to work for free in the first few days. And always be curious to try out new stuff. You can follow the below tips to stand out in the best and fastest way possible.


  • The good thing about face painting for kids parties skill is that you do not need to invest a lot. All you require is a number of paints, brushes, colors, water and sponges. Your tools cost will be determined by the level you want your business to be.


  • You can begin from home, or have a small studio with one of creative name in mind, where you can start your face painting job. Paint the kids of  people you relate with  or attend birthday parties or Halloween and show off your portfolio to individuals concerned with family events such as fun fairs. You might get a chance of getting hired.


  • Promote and market your business, make people aware that you are a face painter and most important of all you are an expert. Create flayers and market yourself through Facebook or the radio. This way people will get to hear about your work. You can later decide on price tags depending on the level of the occasion.


  • In addition to offering painting services, you could teach people how to paint for a fee. You could also employ them to do major jobs on your behalf, and make them your assistants during events. This will bring more revenue and your business will grow.


To promote your face painting for kids parties business even further, you could create business cards, come up with advertisements on social media once your officially successful. Not everyone gets the chance of making their talent a career. If you have made up you mind to make yours a successful one, go for it, it would be  worthwhile.


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