The Price Of Liquid Limestone in Perth

Get rid of the old boring concrete slabs to cover your patio or backyards. Liquid limestone or exposed aggregate are the best options available in the market to enhance the exteriors of your house and give them a well crafted look. 

Depending on the owner’s choice, liquid limestone or exposed aggregate works best to avoid excessive sand in your backyards along with getting rid of weeds between pavers, and the onset of insects or bugs in your backyards. Liquid limestone provides a very polished look and is available in many designs. It is one of the best materials to use in pool areas and alfresco regions. It is also available in many colors and can easily complement your final color scheme along with not putting a heavy strain on your pocket. These are not the only reasons to choose liquid limestone or your exterior, especially for the people living in Perth. The material becomes very tough after it sets and is extremely weather and traffic resistant, allowing you to enjoy its beauty for a long time.

Similarly, exposed aggregate has its advantages too! Along with many decorative textures and patterns, it is a material of choice when designing your driveways or sidewalks. The material has a great finish and it exposes small pebbles and stones in its concrete. This provides a skid free surface, being safe of children and elderly people. Along with these advantages, exposed concrete can fit every budget range, as the cost would depend on the gravel layer of the concrete. As the gravel can be made of various materials, it provides flexibility in terms of the final look and even the price tag, thus suiting every pocket!

The advantages of using these materials are numerous and they would surely enhance your house exteriors. However, having said that, the price of these materials has been on a steady increase in recent times, with liquid limestone being cheaper of the two options. When you are thinking about paving your home using these options, keep in mind that the amount of concrete required would depend on the purpose of the area. For example, if you need to pave your boardwalks or alfresco areas, a 75mm of thick concrete layer would be needed as compared to a garage floor which would require a 125mm floor thickness. These factors would ultimately affect your final pricing. The average price of liquid limestone in the Perth market ranges from $60 to $ 80 per sq mt, and that for exposed aggregate ranges from $85 to $105 per sq mt. The ultimate pricing for a limestone driveway of 65 sq m would cost you anywhere between $3950 and $4875. For the same area, using an exposed aggregate, the final price would range between $6325 and $6850. 

There is a significant difference in the final pricing using these two materials, with the basic cost price having undergone a massive increase. The final cost would definitely make the Perth homeowners to think before investing in paving. However, if you are thinking of repaving the exterior of your homes, and are the leading companies and are very competitively priced. They would provide an excellent service and also offer you reasonable suggestions to improve your exteriors!

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